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Rector (Senior Secretary to the Govt.)
Know thyself, Information Literacy, Training and Development, Public Administration, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction and Environmental Protection.
Md. Rakib Hossain ndc
Rector (Secretary to the Govt.)

Md. Monjur Hossain
Rector (Secretary to the Government)
02224445028 (Official)
Fax: 02224445029
Md. Nazmul Islam Sarker
PS to Rector (Senior Assistant Secretary)
Environmental Science, Land Mgt., Field Administration, Bangladesh Service Rules, Manner-Etiquette 7745010-16 Ext: 4141 Cell:01722148777
Md. Mahmudul Hassan, PhD
Member Directing Staff (P & S) (Additional Secretary to the Govt.)
Poverty Studies, Microfinance, Project Management, Research Methodology, New Public Management, Change Management, Public Private Partnership 01915730440(m)
Md. Zaydul Hoque Molla ndc
Member Directing Staff (Project) (Additional Secretary to the Govt.)
Project Management, Development Economics, Procurement Management. 01715616743(m)
Kanka Jamil
Member Directing Staff (M&D)
Public Administration, Management Reforms, Rural Development, Gender, Training Methodology 01716744(m)
Ranjit Kumar Sen ndc
Member Directing Staff (P&S) (Additional Secretary to the Govt.)
Constitutional Law, Rules of Business, NIS 01743673009(M)
Ashraful Alam
Personal Secretary to Rector (Senior Assistant Secretary)
Poverty, inequality and development, Social protection programmes and poverty reduction, Development Micro & Macro Economics, Development policies & plans, Development project management, Information technology and computer literacy, Good governance and e-governance 01716185905 (M)
Md. Anwarul Islam Sikder
ndc (Additional Secretary to the Govt.)
Gender and Development,Child Rights,Public Procurement Procedure,Office Management 01552323371(m)
Member Directing Staff (M & PA) (Additional Secretary to the Govt.)
Disaster Management, Office Management, Leadership and Development, Gender and Development, National Integrity Strategies, Manner-Etiquette-Ethics, Good Governance, Bangladesh Service Rules and Local Government. 01817124188(M)
Md. Akram Ali
Private Secretary to the Rector
Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Development Administration, Poverty and Inequality. +88-02224445021 (Official), 02224442080-86 Extn: 4141; +8801722212482
Ashif Anam Siddique
Private Secretary to the Rector
Syed Mizanur Rahman ndc
Member Directing Staff (Project) and Member Directing Staff (D&E) (Additional Charge)
Finance, Environment, Office Management, Good Governance, Public Administration. 01732098308(m)
A. S. Shameem Ahmed
Member Directing Staff (R & C) (Additional Secretary to the Govt.)
To interact with different kinds of people 01552386357(m)
Md. Mijanur Rahman
(Joint Secretary to the Govt.) Director (Govt. System)
Law and Law Relevant, Service Matter, Constitution 01712274279(m)
Dr. Rizwan Khair
Member Directing Staff (P&S) (Joint Secretary to the Govt.)
Public Administration, Public Policy, Good Governance 01552329371(m)
Ferdous Akther
Member Directing Staff (M & PA) (Additional Secretary to the Govt.)
Public Administration, Management, Environment, TQM, Governanace 01911047636(m)
Tahsinur Rahman
Director(Evaluation) & Additional Charge Director (Quantity Method)
Mohammad Munir Hossain
Member Directing Staff (Additional Secretary to the Govt.)
Field Administration, Office Management, Ethics. 01711302833 (M)
Dr. Shah Mohammad Sanaul Hoque
Member Directing Staff (R&C) and Member Directing Staff (M&PA) (Additional Charge)
e-Governance, Innovation and Project Management. 01720038610 (M)
Project Director, Enhancement of Training Capacity of BPATC
Disaster Management, HR Management and Development, Business Management, 01764196379
Project Director, Enhancing of Training Capacity of BPATC
01726684902 (M)
Md. Zafar Iqbal ndc
Member Directing Staff (M&D) (Additional Secretary to the Govt.)
Global economic & political issues, Development Project Management, Economic Diplomacy and Contract Negotiations, Development Assistance and its streamlining & harmonization for economic growth, SDGs, International finance, Change Management initiatives in Bangladesh Civil Service, Civil Military cooperation, Communication skills and Training & Development of HR in bureaucracy. Cell: 01711-594179
Ali Yusuf Muhammad Sultan Noor
(Joint Secretary to the Govt.) Director (ST&TOT)
Tahsinur Rahman
Director (Public Administration)
Law, Field Administration, Office Management. 01711566414(M).
Md. Nasir Uddin Ahmed
Member Directing Staff (M&PA) (Additional Secretary to the Govt.)
Environmental Law (The Company Act 1994, The Bank Company Act 1991, The negotiable Instruments Act 1881, The Finance Institution Act 1993, and The Insurance Act 2010), Commercial Audit, Innovation, Capital Market, Ethics or NIS. 01715091089(m)
Khondoker Azim Ahmed
Member Directing Staff (M&D), Member Directing Staff (D&E) (Additional Charge) and Member Directing Staff (M&PA)
Md. Abdul Hakim
Director (Public Administration) & Director (Management) (Additional Charge) (Joint Secretary to the Govt.)
Public Management, Public Finance, Human Resource Management (HRM), English 01719199539
Dr. Muhammad Abu Yusuf
Member Directing Staff (R & C) (Joint Secretary to the Govt.)
Result Based Management, Project Mgt., Monitoring & Evaluation, EIA & Feasibility study, Environmental Mgt., Sustainable Development 01988085881(m),
Md. Mofazzal Hossain
Project Director, Enhancing of Training Capacity of BPATC
Banik Gour Sundar
Member Directing Staff (D&E)
Poverty reduction, Development Economics, International Trade, Public Procurement 7742276(R) 01756595005(M)
AKM Enamul Haque
Director (BS)
Information Systems, Globalization, Total Quality Management (TQM) 01815409090(m)
Dr. Shah Alam
Director (Evaluation) (Joint Secretary to the Govt.)
Mallick Sayeed Mahbub
Director (Evaluation)
Public Administration, Management, Poverty & Micro credit, Innovation, Land Law & Minor Acts 01712773232(m)
Member Directing Staff (D&E)
Public Policy, Development Administration, Strategic Management, HRM, Training and Development, Strategic HRM, Land Management. 01716459158 (M)
Md. A. Razzaque Sarker
Director (Administration)
Office Management, Service Rules, English Language 01712803934(m)
Abdul Baki
Director (PPR) & Director (IP) (Additional Charge) (Joint Secretary to the Govt.)
Economics, Government Studies 01715108363(m)
Md. Shohel Imam Khan
Director (Development) & Director (Project) (Additional Charge)
Public Service Mgt, Public Policy, Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Techniques 01713747068
Kazi Hasan Imam
Director (Planning & Development)
Project Mgt., Gender Issues, Environmental Management 01716401005
Dr. Md. Shafiqul Haque
Director (Research & Development)
Research, Gender, HRM. 01552329028, 01840988173
Dr. SM Zobayer Enamul Karim
Director (International Programme)
Development Economics, Business Management, Research
Mohammad Moshiour Rahman
Director (Physical Education)
Physical Education & Total Quality Management (TQM) 01552453649(m)
A H M Anwar Pasha
Director (Deputy Secretary)
-- 01678023007(m), 01712270184(m)
Md. Golam Mahede
Director (LTA)
Library mgt., Course Mgt., Information Network, Library Automation 01715300908(M)
A. K. M Shameem Akhter
Deputy Director (DS), RPATC, Dhaka
National Integrity Strategy, Manner, etiquette and ethics for Public servant, Anti corruption and Public servant(anti Corruption Related Laws), Right To Information Act, Different Rules on Office management for public servant.
Dr. Mohammed Amjed Hossain
Environmental management, Disaster management, Research Methodology and change management 01712647548
Dr. Sitara Begum
Deputy Director, RPATC, Rajshahi
01726086295 (m)
A.F.M. Amir Hussain
Director (Development)
ELT, Applied Linguistics, Governance, HRM and Public Policy 01712836525(m), 01759898684(m)
Hossain Ali Khandaker
Deputy Director(DS), RPATC, Khulna
Theology, Ethics 01712100645
Md. Jahidul Islam
Director (Project) (Deputy Secretary to the Govt.)
Project Management, Local Governance, Service Rules. 01718768300 (m)
Yasmin Parvin Tibriji
Deputy Director, RPATC, Chittagong
Manner, Etiquetteand Ethics, Diff. rules on Office Mgt. For Public Servant, Public Procurement, Procedures of Office Management 01712577900(m)
Syed Rabiul Alam
Deputy Director (Deputy Secretary), RPATC, Khulna
Public Administration, Office Management, E-Governance 01711933160 (M)
Syed Rabiul Alam
Deputy Director (Deputy Secretary), RPATC, Khulna
Deputy Director, RPATC, Chattogram
+88 01720 624 075
Selina Zaman
Deputy Director (Evaluation-2)
Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman
Director (Research & Development)
Climate Change, Environmental Management , Natural Resource Management , Ecosystem Management , Disaster Management, e-Governance 01716231197
Abu Saleh Md. Mohiuddin khan
Deputy Director
Human Resource Management, Project Management, Expatriates welfare, Disaster Management 01715001505
Dr. Md. Saiful Alam
Deputy Director (Evaluation-1)
Economics, Climate Change, French and Korean (South) Language 01191613979(m)
Dr. Najmus Sayadat
Deputy Director
Blue Economy 01784096751
Dr. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman
Director (IP)
Political Economy of development aid and policy ownership; changing features of development aid and development effectiveness; south-south cooperation (SSC); sustainable development goals (SDGs); politics of policy transfer; comparative civil service; developmental states; effective institutions and economic development and Southeast Asian experience; parliamentary engagement in public policy; interfaith harmony, faith leaders and development. 01714236786(M)
A.T.M. Arif Hossain
Director (Sports)
Physical Education, Total Quality Management, Disaster Management, HRM 01712153317, 01972153317
Mr. Tahsinur Rahman
Director (Evaluation)

Md. Asraful Islam
Director (IP) and Director (Project) (Additional Charge)
Land Management, HRM and Development Management Public Policy. 01770842284,
Md. Masudur Rahman Bhuiyan
Deputy Director (Evaluation-2)
-- 01914261962(m)
Salina Zaman
Deputy Director (PPR)
Md. Masudur Rahman Bhuiyan
Deputy Director (Service)
Md. Ziaul Haque
Deputy Director, RPATC, Rajshahi
Public Administration, Public Policy, Health Policy.
Mohammad Razibul Islam
Deputy Director (PPR)
E-Governance, Disastar agement, Governance Releated Issues 01712222149(m)
Deputy Director (Deputy Secretary), RPATC, Dhaka
Disaster Management, Office Management, Gender & Development, Manner-Etiquette, Ethics, Bangladesh Service Rules, E Filings. 01715258168 (M);
Dr. Mohammad Monjurul Hoque
Deputy Director (Rtd.)
Mohammad Yusuf Ali
PS (Senior Assistant Secretary) to Rector
Law, International Trade Human Rights,Economic Policy 7745010-16 Ext: 4156, 01718313433
Farzana Ferdous Zaman
Deputy Director (Evaluation-2)
Leadership, Global Women Leadership, Gender & Development, Economic Development of Korea, Public Private Partnership, International Negotiation and Development Cooperation, 01712873418
Deputy Director (PPR)
International Trade, Land laws and land management system of Bangladesh, Monetary policy 01706077676(M)
Sheheley Layla
Deputy Director (PPR)
Disaster Management, Climate Change. 01916161682 (M)
Dr. Anisur Rahman Khan
Assistant Director (ST)
Social, Women & Gender Issues 01939240971
Md. Tabibur Rahman
Deputy Director, RPATC, Khulna
Commerce, Law. Phone: 041-762347(Off), Fax: 041- 762935 01712591269 (M)
Mst. Rokeya Parvin
Deputy Director, RPATC, Chittagong
National Integrity Strategy, Office Communication, Government Employee conduct Rules, Government Employee Discipline and Appeal Rules 01718186871(M)
Nasrin Sultana
Assistant Director (P & D)
English Literature
Mr. Mohammad Tazib Uddin
Deputy Director (Evaluation-1)
Social Policy, Cultural Studies, Bangladesh Studies. 01552472328
Momtaj Hoq
Publication Officer
Training, Poverty, Publication 0171815115281
Kazi Md. Saemuzzaman
PS to Rector (Senior Assistant Secretary)
Public Administration, Innovation, Field Administration, Innovation Project Design, Land Management System, Secretariat Instructions. 7745010-16 Ext: 4141 Mobile: 01911316971
Dr. Rashed Sarowar Alam
Medical Officer
Public Health, Microbiology and Pathology, Emergency patient Management. 02224442080-86, Ext: 4308
Md. Amir Khasru
Assistant Director (General)
Md. Anisur Rahman
Deputy Director (Finance)
English Language and Literature, Global Project Management, Public Administration, Human Resource Management. 01712726254
Mohammad Abdul Kader Sheikh
Assistant Director (Senior Assistant Secretary), RPATC, Rajshahi
(Senior Assistant Secretory) Assistant Director (Administration), RPATC, Khulna
Comparative Development Study, Literature, History.
Zahangir Alam
Deputy Director (Finance)
Public Procurement, Personal and Professional Development , The 4th Industrial Revolution, Financial Management. 02224442080-86 Ext. 4122, 02224446617 (O), 01717517650
Assistant Director, RPATC, Rajshahi.
Globalization and Trade, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Disaster Management. 01726215782 (M)
Dr. Sonjoy Chakraborty
Deputy Director, RPATC, Dhaka
Investment (International and National), Economic, International Trade 02-9361150, 01712-041876 (M)
Afroza Parvin
Deputy Director (Administration)
Project and Procurement Management, Financial Management, Sustainable Development Goals. 02224442080-86 Ext. 4120, 02224446616 (O), 01730908944
Md. Ahoshan Habib
Assistant Director (Plan)
Power Politics and International Relations; Indian Political History; Government and Bureaucratic system; Constitution 01724856014
Deputy Director (Evaluation-2)
Good Governance, Local Government, Women Empowerment. 01916266099
Deputy Director (Finance)
Land laws and its implications, Women & Child rights and gender discriminations, English pronunciations and APA symbols, Actual Bangla spelling and pronunciations etc. 01777-416402(M)
Ahammed Hossain Bhuiyan
Deputy Director (Service)
‘Diplomatic Relations & Discourses’, ‘Corporate Governance’, ‘International Trade’, ‘Post Modernism’, & ‘Post Colonialism’ 01637223454
Parvez Chawdhury
Deputy Director (Administration)
Organizational Leadership, Team Building, Managing Employees 01739-691916 (M)
Iffat Jahan
Deputy Director (Planning and Development)
Environmental Management, SDG (Autism), Climate Change, Public Health & Disasters Management. 01676982082 (M)
Maureen Karim
Deputy Director (Management)
Zahangir Alam
Deputy Director (Finance)
Jahir Emam
Deputy Director (PPR) and Deputy Director (Public Administration) (Additional Charge)
Local government, E-governance, Digital land administration and management system, Public Policy 01717205655
Dr. Md. Arafe Zawad
Deputy Director (Sports) (CC)
Physical Education, Curriculum Development, Fitness Programme,Exercise Physiology, Sports Training, Mgt. & Rehabilitation of sports injuries, Total Quality Mgt. 02224442080-86 Ext:4302(o)/4460(r), 01727605252(m), 01552321081(m), 01823330366
Nahid Tamanna
Deputy Director (Evaluation-2)
Assistant Project Director (Administration and Procurement), Enhancing of Training Capacity of BPATC
01716781272 (m)
Assistant Project Director (Finance), Enhancing of Training Capacity of BPATC
01717511663 (m)
Md. Faruq Sufian
Deputy Director
Migration, Inclusive Development, Social and Political Exclusion, Resource Politics 01726763076
Shohela Ferdous
Deputy Director
English language, Project Management, Human Resource Management 01710452619
A.S.M. Riyad Hassan Gourab
Deputy Director (Planning and Development)
Development Studies, Research, Digitization, and Gender. 01912255879
Antara Halder
Deputy Director (Planning and Development)
Land management, Stress Management, Public Health and Occupational Health, English Language 01775802968
Md. Rezaul Alam Sarker
Assistant Director, RPATC, Rajshahi
Jobaida Akter
Assistant Director, RPATC, Chattogram
Service Rules, Ethics for government employees and environmental issues. 01832800540
Assistant Director (Personnel)
Development Administration, Economics,Bangladesh Studies,History, Society $ Culture 01712529000
Assistant Director, RPATC, Rajshahi
Linguistics, Phonetics and Pronunciation, English Language Teaching, Policy Development and Implementation in the Education Sector of Bangladesh, Want to be a Trainer for Government Employees 8801716-099773 (M)
Assistant Director, RPATC, Chottogram

Dr. Shah Mohammad Sanaul Hoque
Member Directing Staff

Assistant Director (P&D)
Geo-Politics, International Politics, Political Organizations, Political Parties. 01711154550
Md. Azizul Hoque
Assistant Director
Office Management, law on Service, Library Management. 01917739027
Md. Hasib Mamun
Research Officer and Assistant Director (Protocol & Public Relation) (Additional Charge)
Research Methodology, Business Statistics, Statistical Data Analyst. 02224442080-86 ; Ext. 4169, 01676650704
Bappa Kumar Paul
Assistant Engineer (Civil), Enhancing of Training Capacity of BPATC
01758694802 (m)
Nasrin Fatema
Assistant Director (Documentation) (Current Charge)
Office Management, Library Management, Office Communication. 7745010-16 Ext: 4163, 01711668677
Md. Nurul Islam Biswas
Assistant Director (Budget & Accounts)
MTBF, Budget Preparation and Management, Definition of GPF and Pension, Financial Management. 02224442080-86 ext 4150(o), 01919853988
Mehedi Shahnewaz Jalil
Assistant Director (Public Administration)
Public Administration, Public Policy Decisions, Media Management, etc. Mobile: +880 1716 303131 E-Mail:
Susmita Saha
Assistant Director, RPATC, Khulna
Shoaib Ahmad
Assistant Director
Law 01734520581
Zahid Iqbal
Assistant Project Director, Enhancing of Training Capacity of BPATC

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