SFTC for 40+ Aged Officers (Special Course)

Special Foundation Training Course for 40+ Aged Officials

Foundation Training Course (FTC) is the basic training programme around administration and development conducted by Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC). FTC is a compulsory training for all new entrants to the Bangladesh Civil and Judicial Services. However, various government departments in the recent past have underscored the need of FTC for their respective entry level officials and newly promoted grade 9 officers considering the underlying philosophy of the training course. As such, BPATC in addition to its regular FTCs conducts a good number of Special Foundation Training Courses for officials other than the Bangladesh Civil service.

Although compulsory for all new recruits, FTC is not any cadre or service oriented training course rather a very generic type of programme which is conducted with the general aim of situating a new recruit in the service. It provides the foundation for subsequent professional training organized by various cadre-oriented training institutes. The prime intentions of conducting FTC are to create some common core values among the entry level recruits and to develop their knowledge base required for a career-based service where generating some skill on some specific aspects relating to modern administration and management remains an add-on objective. This underlying philosophy of the foundation training course is equally applicable for all entry level officials of the government service. As such, BPATC on request conducts special Foundation Training Course for officials of various departments.

The contents of this course have carefully been selected so that the participants acquire the basic knowledge of various theories, concepts and issues on administration and development. The course aims at building personality, stimulating creativity and instilling leadership qualities into the officers. The course also provides an opportunity to the officers to familiarize themselves with various dimensions of socio-economic development of the country.


The general objective of this course is to develop leadership competencies of the participants for managing their own organization strategically with professional excellence. The principal aim is to foster participants’ capacity to meet the upcoming challenges that the country will face.

The Specific Objectives of the Course

Through this course participants will be able to-

  • recognize their role as public servants in a changing national and global environment;
  • identify individual strengths and weaknesses and promote interpersonal relations in overall management through interaction among the trainee officers of various cadres;
  • develop an insight on national goals and objectives through analyzing socio-cultural, political and economic development issues, strategies and processes realistically;
  • understand and adhere to the basic service norms, rules, policies and procedures;
  • learn skills on the practical aspects of management process;
  • communicate in English with accuracy and reasonable fluency;
  • foster esprit de corps, empathy, common perception and understanding among diverse stakeholders; and
  • enhance work skill through physical and mental labour to meet arduous challenges.


General Course Guideline for Senior Staff Course.

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