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Special Foundation Training Course

BPATC conducts some special training courses for the officials of the Republic from junior to senior level. BPATC has signed MOU with Anti-corruption Commission (ACC), Election Commission Bangladesh (ECB), Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR), Department of ICT (DoICT), Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB)and Directorate of Registration(DoR)for organizing special foundation training course (SFTC). BPATC arranges special foundation training courses for the officials ofthe five mentioned organizations under the MoUs signed as per their demand. Special foundation training courses (SFTCs) are arranged for the employees of grade 9of 40 plus aged officials. The aims of the course are to enhance participant’s knowledge, skills, and build up pro-change mind set to adapt with the changed context. In this regard the course curriculum has been designed for 45 days for 40 plus aged officials and 60 days for other officials from different departments/organizations who request for arranging course. About 25-50 participants can attend at each course. This course is also fully residential.



Special Foundation training course is conducted with a view to create a corps of skilled, proactive and well-groomed civil servants committed to the welfare and development of the people in an ever-changing global context.


Through this course the participants will be able to-

  • recognize the role of civil servants in a changing national and global environment;
  • identify individual strengths and weaknesses and promote interpersonal relations in overall management through interaction among the trainee officers of various cadres;
  • develop an insight on national goals and objectives through analyzing socio-cultural, political and economic development issues, strategies and processes realistically;
  • understand and adhere to the basic service norms, rules, policies and procedures;
  • learn skills on the practical aspects of management process;
  • communicate in English with accuracy and reasonable fluency;
  • foster esprit de corps, empathy, common perception and understanding among diverse stakeholders; and
  • enhance work skill through physical and mental labour to meet arduous challenges.



General Course Guideline for Special Foundation training course (SFTC)


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