Full Time Faculty


Picture Name & Designation Area of Interest / Specialization Contact(Phone & Email)
Rector (Senior Secretary to the Govt.)
Know thyself, Information Literacy, Training and Development, Public Administration, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction and Environmental Protection. 7745028(o); m.aslam.alam@gmail.com
Ashraful Alam
Personal Secretary to Rector (Senior Assistant Secretary)
Poverty, inequality and development, Social protection programmes and poverty reduction, Development Micro & Macro Economics, Development policies & plans, Development project management, Information technology and computer literacy, Good governance and e-governance +88-02-7745021 (Official), 02-7745010-16 Extn: 4141; 01716185905 (M)
Md. Zaydul Hoque Molla ndc
Member Directing Staff (Project) (Additional Secretary to the Govt.)
Project Management, Development Economics, Procurement Management. 7745010-16 Ext: 4301, 7744822(o), 01715616743(m)
Banik Gour Sundar
Member Directing Staff (D & E)
Poverty reduction, Development Economics, International Trade, Public Procurement 7746601 (O), Ext: 4102, 7742276(R) 01756595005(M)
Dr. Muhammad Abu Yusuf
Member Directing Staff (R & C) (Joint Secretary to the Govt.)
Result Based Management, Project Mgt., Monitoring & Evaluation, EIA & Feasibility study, Environmental Mgt., Sustainable Development 7742086 (O), 01988085881(m), 7745010-16 Ext. 4305
Syed Mizanur Rahman
MDS (M&D) (Joint Secretary to the Govt.)
Finance, Environment, Office Management, Good Governance, Public Administration. 7745010-16, 01732098308(m)
Mohammad Munir Hossain
Member Directing Staff (P & S)
Field Administration, Office Management, Ethics. 01711302833 (M)
Director (PPR)
Public Policy, Development Administration, Strategic Management, HRM, Training and Development, Strategic HRM, Land Management. 7745010-16, Ext. 4115 (o), 7746607; 01716459158 (M)
Kazi Hasan Imam
Director (Planning & Development)
Project Mgt., Gender Issues, Environmental Management 7745025(O, 7745010-16 ext 4109(o), 01716401005
Mohammad Moshiour Rahman
Director (Physical Education)
Physical Education & Total Quality Management (TQM) 7745010-16, Ext. 4116, 7745020; 01552453649(m)
Md. Golam Mahede
Director (LTA) and Director (TOT) (Additional Charge)
Library mgt., Course Mgt., Information Network, Library Automation 7745010-16 ext: 4302(O), 7746603(O), 7747542(R), 01715300908(M)
Md. Zakir Hossain
Director (TOT)
Leadership Management, Information & Communication Technology, Database Management, Library Management, Automations and Networking, Innovation 7746610 (O), 7745010-16 Ext. 4118(o), 01727745044(M), 01517263410 (M)
Dr. Mohammed Amjed Hossain
Director (Planning & Development-2) (Deputy Secretary to the Govt.)
Environmental management, Disaster management, Research Methodology and change management 7745010-16 ext 4113(o), 7745019; 01712647548
Md. Jahidul Islam
Director (Project) (Deputy Secretary to the Govt.)
Project Management, Local Governance, Service Rules. 01718768300 (m) 7745010-16, Ext: 4114(o), 7746611
Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman
Director (Research & Development)
Climate Change, Environmental Management , Natural Resource Management , Ecosystem Management , Disaster Management, e-Governance 7745010-16, Ext: 4111, 7746605; 01716231197
Md. Siddiqur Rahman
Director (Evaluation), Director (Admin) (Additional Charge) and Director ( (ST & RC) (Additional Charge)
Economics, Poverty Alleviation, Beggar Rehabilitation. 7745010-16 ext: 4112(o), 01712570054 (M)
Mohammad Ziaul Islam
Assistant System Analyst (Lien, National Consultant_Domain Specialist_e-Learning, a2i Programme, PMO )
ICT and e-Governance; System Analysis, Design & Administration; Networking; e-Learning; Innovation and Total Quality Management (TQM) 7745010-16 ext: 4320(o), 7745017, 01819-448979 (M), 0155-3283712(m)
Syed Rabiul Alam
Deputy Director (Deputy Secretary), RPATC, Khulna
Public Administration, Office Management, E-Governance Phone: 041-762347(Off), Fax: 041- 762347 01711933160 (M) sohelalam65@gmail.com
Md. Ziaul Haque
Deputy Director, RPATC, Rajshahi
Public Administration, Public Policy, Health Policy. 0721-772520
Mohammad Saiful Islam
Programmer and System Analyst (Additional Charge)
Programming, Database & Network administration, Web Development 7745017, 7745010-16, Ext. 4315 Cell:01737991133 saiful@bpatc.org.bd saifulju@gmail.com
M. Arifur Rahman, PhD
Deputy Director (attached), RPATC, Chittagong
Public Policy, Gender and Development, Service Process Simplification. 7745010-16 Ext: 4312 arif@bpatc.org.bd mar3368@yahoo.com
Dr. Md. Zohurul Islam
Deputy Director (Research)
HRD, HRA, Training Management 7745010-16, Ext. 4134, 01716458964 (M)
Md. Atikuzzaman
Deputy Director (RC)
Environment & Development, Disaster Management, HRM 7745010-16, Ext. 4126 01727778316(m) atik_uzzaman@yahoo.com
Dr. B M Benojir Ahmed
Deputy Director (Behivour Science)
HRM, Knowledge Management, Office Management 7745010-16, Ext: 4125, 01733797252 drbenojir@gmail.com
Rokeya Fahmida, PhD
Deputy Director (Evaluation-1)
Gender and development, Economies, Research methodology 7745010-16 Ext-4131, 7712936(Res), 01731214213 fahmidapatc@gmail.com
Mohammad Razibul Islam
Deputy Director (Administration)
E-Governance, Disastar agement, Governance Releated Issues 01712222149(m), 7745010-16 ext-4120(o), 7746616
Md. Sharif Hasan
Deputy Director (Operation)
Public Administration, HRM, Strategic Management, Globalization 7745010-16 Ext-4174(o), 9131649(r), 01911308396(m) sharifhelenn@yahoo.com sharifhelenn@gmail.com
Md. Abul Basher
Deputy Director (Publication)
Human Resource Management(HRM),Training & Development, Office Management 7745010-16 Ext: 4127, 01511003637, 01711003637 basher.bpatc@gmail.com
Dr. Mehedi Masud
Deputy Director (Development)
Strategic Management, Leadership, International Political Economy, Foreign Policies, People Resourcing 7745010-16 Ext 4303, 01747074422
A.T.M. Arif Hossain
Deputy Director (Sports)
Physical Education, Total Quality Management, Disaster Management, HRM 7745010-16, Ext: 4132 01712153317, 01972153317 arifpatc@yahoo.com
Md. Moin Uddin
Deputy Director (Public Administration)
HR, Office management, TQM, Financial Management. 01715388116(M), 7745010-16 Ext. 4138
K. M. Abdul Kader
Deputy Director (ST & TOT)
Public Administration, Public Policies, HR Planning & Development 7745010-16, Ext. 4128, 01718114448
Hasan Murtaza Masum
Deputy Director (Service)
Local Government System, Development, Administration, Philosophy. 7745010-16 Ext. 4122, 7746617; 1686900243 (M)
Mr. Mohammad Tazib Uddin
Librarian (Documentation)
Social Policy, Cultural Studies, Bangladesh Studies. 7745010-16 Ext. 4136; 01552472328
Mohammad Rezaul Karim PhD
Deputy Director (International Programme)
Public Policy, Equality Policy, Gender and Equality at Work, Experiential Learning, Changing Working Culture, Work-life Balance 7745010-16 Ext: 4311, 01554339166 reza@bpatc.org.bd rezapatc@gmail.com
Dr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman
Medical Officer
Public Health, Microbiology and Pathology, Emergency patient Management. 7745010-16 Ext: 4143, 01932791761 tomostafizur@gmail.com
Dr. Syed Shamsul Arephen
Medical Officer
Public Health, Microbiology and Pathology, Emergency patient Management. 7745010-16 Ext: 4144, 01829673034
Dr. Rashed Sarowar Alam
Medical Officer
Public Health, Microbiology and Pathology, Emergency patient Management. 7745010-16, Ext: 4308
Deputy Director (Deputy Secretary), RPATC, Dhaka
Disaster Management, Office Management, Gender & Development, Manner-Etiquette, Ethics, Bangladesh Service Rules, E Filings. 9361150 (o); 01715258168 (M); rpatcdhaka@yahoo.com
Abdullah Al Mamun
Deputy Director (PM)
Hospitality Management, Information Technology, Human Resource Management. 7745010-16, Ext. 4314, 01719403292 mamun162@yahoo.com
Dr. Moshiur Rahman
Deputy Director (Govt, System)
Environmental Science, Disaster Management, Waste Management, Climate Change 7745010-16 Ext:4124(o),

Dr. Bilkis Laila
Medical Officer
Public Health, Microbiology and Pathology, Emergency patient Management. 7745010-16 Ext:4142 01711073636(m)
Md. Motaher Hossain
Deputy Director (MIS)
HRM; Management; Public Policy; Organizational Behavior 7745010-16, Ext. 4123, 77446620; 01818186287
Parimal Kumar Roy
Deputy Director (Economic Theory)
Project Management, Culture , Policy. Ext. 4140, 01713791448
Mst. Rokeya Parvin
Deputy Director, RPATC, Chittagong
National Integrity Strategy, Office Communication, Government Employee conduct Rules, Government Employee Discipline and Appeal Rules 031-613691(o), 01718186871(M)
Farzana Ferdous Zaman
Deputy Director (Evaluation-2)
Leadership, Global Women Leadership, Gender & Development, Economic Development of Korea, Public Private Partnership, International Negotiation and Development Cooperation, 7745010-16 Ext. 4149 01712873418
Deputy Director (Finance)
Land laws and its implications, Women & Child rights and gender discriminations, English pronunciations and APA symbols, Actual Bangla spelling and pronunciations etc. 7745010-16; 01777-416402(M)
Sheheley Layla
Deputy Director (PPR)
Disaster Management, Climate Change. 01916161682 (M)
Dr. Md. Arafe Zawad
Assistant Director (Sports-1)
Physical Education, Curriculum Development, Fitness Programme,Exercise Physiology, Sports Training, Mgt. & Rehabilitation of sports injuries, Total Quality Mgt. 7745010-16 Ext:4160(o)/4460(r), 01727605252(m), 01552321081(m), 01823330366 mazawad2006@yahoo.com mazawad2010@gmail.com
Abu Naser Mohammad Sajidul Ahsan
Senior Research Officer
Training, Poverty, Research, Gov. System 7745010-16 Ext: 4176, 01918421241 (M)
Senior Research Officer
Research Methodology, Organization and Management, Public Policy, Transparency and Accountability, Globalization and Regional Cooperation. 7745010-16 Ext :4172, 01552602056
Tanjur Ahmed Joarder
Assistant Programmer
Network Administration, Hardware, Software Development & Troubleshooting 7745010-16 Ext: 4321, 01712543033 tanjur@gmail.com joarder@bpatc.org.bd
Afia Rahman Mukta
Research Officer
Globalization, Env. Impact Assesment, Forest Resource Mgt.,Quality of Life,Env. Quality of Life 7745010-16 ext: 4175(o) 01914890462 (M)
Mohammad Altab Hossain
Assistant Programmer
Networking, Software Development, Hardware & Troubleshooting, Web Administration 7745010-16 Ext:4309 , 01717316623 altafunic@gmail.com
Farjana Afrose
Assistant Director (Sports)
Event management,Training Management,TQM 7745010-16, Ext. 4159, 01715254143 farjanapatc@gmail.com
Nasrin Akter
Evaluation Officer
GIS and Remote sensing for Environment and Development, climate Change, Environmental Management , Environmental pollution, Natural Resource Management. 7745010-16 Ext: 4168, 01767818179 (M)
Jakia Sultana
Evaluation Officer
Development Economic, Poverty Reduction, international Trade, Macroeconomic Stability, Development Administration. 7745010-16 Ext: 4169 01964920789 (M)
Mohammad Mamun
Research Officer
Research, HRD, HRM, Event Management 7745010-16 Ext: 4197, 01912146407 mamun235@gmail.com
Md. Azizul Hoque
Assistant Director (Documentation)
Office Management, law on Service, Library Management. 7745010-16, Ext. 4161, 01917739027 azizulhoque1963@gmail.com
Assistant Director (Personnel)
Development Administration, Economics,Bangladesh Studies,History, Society $ Culture 7745010-16 Ext. 4149, 01712529000
Assistant Director (Project)
Good Governance, Local Government, Women Empowerment. 01916266099
Md. Masud Alam
Assistant Director(RPATC, Dhaka)
Public Administration; Public Policy; Management; Training 01716-041011 rony.patua@yahoo.com
Shamim Hosen
Assistant Director, RPATC, Rajshahi.
Int. Treaty and Agreement; Human Rights; Sustainable Devt; Secularism; Foreign Policy and Bangladesh 7745010-16, Ext. 4162, 01717563992 shamim.du207@gmail.com
Shamim Adnan
Assistant Director (Programme)
Leadership; Motivation; Decision Making; Manner-Etiquette. 7745010-16 Ext. 4156, 01843056582
Md. Masud Ahmed
Assistant Director (Public Administration) & Assistant Director (Purchase & Store) (Additional Charge)
Macroeconomic Stability, Inflation and Unemployment, Public Finance, Growth, Development and Inequality, Poverty and Development, International Relations and different polices and managerial issues. 7745010-16 , Ext. 4151, 01719159760(m)
Monirul Islam
Assistant Director, RPATC, Chittagong
History of Public Administration; Comparative Public Administration; Development Administration; New Public Management, Good Governance 01680259621 monirul_du107@yahoo.com
Tanzina Akhter
Assistant Director, RPATC, Khulna
Public Administration; Performance Management; HRM; Research; Organizational Behavior 041-760734 (O) 01718694516 (M)
Roma Rani Biswas
Assistant Director (Protocol & Public Relation)
Law, Human Rights and Development, Training and Development 7745010-16 Ext:4147, 0172287088 roma.biswas@ymail.com
Mir Md. Taufiqul Islam
Assistant Director (Logistic)
HRM, Organizational Behavior, Management Studies 7745010-16, Ext. 4146, 01911121956 taufiqmgt_159@yahoo.com
Mohammad Sohrab Hoshen
Assistant Director (Dormitory)
Bangladesh Studies; Political Development of Indian Subcontinent. 7745010-16, Ext. 4145, o1710842740 sohrab.hoshen@gmail.com
Rabiul Alam Lokman
Research Officer
Archaeological research; Research Methodology; Integrity; Operations Management; Project Management; TQM; SCM 7745010-16, Ext. 4197, 01913110231 lokman.bpatc@gmail.com
Md Nazim Uddin
Assistant Director (RC) & Assistant Director (ST&TOT) (Additional Charge)
Constitution, Local Government, Organs of the Government, Bureaucracy. 7745010-16 ext 4154, 01922191613
Mohammad Mozaherul Islam
Assistant Director (TOT)
Bangladesh History & Cultural Heritage, Liberation War, Blue Economy, Environment. 7745010-16 Ext. 4194; 01534522566
Md. Yousuf Ali
Assistant Director (Record)
SDGs, Blue Economy, Climate Change, Public Procurement, TEC. 7745010-16, 01723167298
Assistant Director (P&D)
Geo-Politics, International Politics, Political Organizations, Political Parties. 7745010-16 ext 4155, 01711154550
Sanjoy Kumar Sarma
Evaluation Officer
Public Administration, Public Policy , Development Administration, Local Government, Human Resource Management. 7745010-16 Ext. 4139; 01682383142
Razib Mia
Evaluation Officer
Communication, Interpersonal communication, Group Communication, Media Studies. 7745010-16 ext 4168, 01674887640
Mohammad Masum Rahman
Assistant Programmer
Network Administration, Hardware, Software Development & Troubleshooting, E-Filing, e-Governance 7745010-16 ext 4198(o) 01717668491, 01675222637
Md. Rustom Rabbani
Assistant Programmer
E-nothi, Network Administration, Hardware, Software Development & Troubleshooting, e-Governance 7745010-16 ext 4199(o) 01718857231
Nasrin Fatema
Assistant Director (Documentation) (Current Charge)
Office Management, Library Management, Office Communication. 7745010-16 Ext: 4129, 01711668677
Md. Nurul Islam Biswas
Assistant Director (Budget & Accounts) C.C
MTBF, Budget Preparation and Management, Definition of GPF and Pension, Financial Management. 7745010-16 ext 4150(o), 01919853988
Md. Golam Azam Khan
Assistant Director (General) Current Charge
HRM, Office Management, Event Management. 7745010-16, Ext. 4148, 01715817450