Ongoing Courses:


Senior Staff Course (SSC)

90th Senior Staff Course (SSC)

 Duration: 06-07-2019 to 29-08-2019

Course Guideline

Course Brochure

Welcome Letter

Course Management Team (CMT)

Course Advisor:

Dr. M Aslam Alam, Rector (Senior Secretary), BPATC

Couse Director:

Dr. Muhammad Abu Yusuf, MDS (R&C), BPATC


Course Coordinator:

Dr. Md Mohoshin Ali, Director (IP), BPATC


Dr. Moshiur Rahman, Deputy Director (Research), BPATC

Cell: 01716536726, E-mail:


Foundation Training Course (FTC)

69th Foundation Training Course (FTC)

Duration: 17/04/2019 to 17/10/2019

Welcome Letter

Course Brochure

Course Guideline

Course Management Team (CMT)

Course Advisor

Mohammad Munir Hossain, MDS (P&S), BPATC

Course Director

Md. Sanwar Jahan Bhuiyan, Director (PPR), BPATC

Mobile: 01716459158, Email:,

Mohammad Razibul Islam, Deputy Director (Management), BPATC

Mobile: 01712222149, E-mail:,

BM Benojir Ahmed, Deputy Director (BS), BPATC

Mobile: 01733797252, Email:,

Dr. Rokeya Fahmida, Deputy Director (Evaluation-1), BPATC

Mobile: 01731214213, Email:,

Course Coordinator

Md. Motaher Hossain, Deputy Director (MIS), BPATC

Mobile: 01818186287, E-mail:,

Parimal Kumar Roy, Deputy Director (ET), BPATC

Mobile: 01713791448, Email:,

Abu Naser Mohammad Sajidul ahsan, Senior Research Officer, BPATC

Mobile: 01918421241, Email:,

Farjana Afrose, Assistant Director (Sports), BPATC

Mobile: 01715254143, Email:,

Nasrin Akter, Evaluation Officer, BPATC

Mobile: 01767818179, Email:,

Jakia Sultana, Evaluation Officer, BPATC

Mobile: 01964920789, Email:,

Mohammad Mamun, Research Officer, BPATC

Mobile: 01912146407, Email:,

Shamim Adnan, Assistant Director (Programme), BPATC

Mobile: 01843056582, Email:,

Rabiul Alam Lokman, Research Officer, BPATC

Mobile: 01913110231, Email:,

Mohammad Sohrab Hoshen, Assistant Director (Dormitory), BPATC

Mobile: 01710842740, Email:,