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Computer Section of BPATC is one of the most important units of Research & Consultancy (R&C) division. It looks after the ICT & e-Governance activities and imparts training on relevant issues. The Section also acts as the implementing agent of Digital BPATC. It is headed by a Systems Analyst. MDS (R&C) oversees the functions of the Computer Section.

There are 11 Computer Labs in BPATC with Network Printer and Scanner facilities. Out of these, 2 Computer Labs are located at the 3rd floor of Faculty Building-2, where 64 (Sixty four) faculty member can attend the Computer training. 1 Computer Lab is situated in the ITC where 29 (Twenty Nine) trainees can use computer, while 2 Computer Lab is in the 2nd floor of Library Building where 60 (Sixty) trainees can attend the Computer Training and 5 (Five) Computer labs are in the Dormitory-1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 for the uses of different courses participants. ICT and e-Governance module included in FTC, ACAD, SSC & PPMC and selected short courses of the Centre. ICT Policy, ICT for development, e-Governance, Innovation in Service Delivery & e-Nothi included in the curriculum of the course. Participants also learn uses of MS Word, MS Excel & MS PowerPoint. In Academic Building of the Centre, Multipurpose ICT lab-1 & 2 are located where FTC Participants attend the ICT training as well as English Language training. A total of 83 PCs were installed with audio facilities to use for learning English Language.

The Computer Section is kept open for 14 hours in a day. The section also remains open on weekly holidays depending on the training load and the urgency of the participants. The participants and faculty members may also use the Computer Section.

BPATC procured 723 Laptop & 451 Desktop. A total 451 Desktop are being used in the 11 Computer Labs, while Laptops are used for the participants of different courses and faculty members. The Computer Section remains open 14 hours every day to serve the trainees. Computer Section also remains open in the weekend & also during holidays depending on trainees need.

There are two Video Conferencing System in the Centre. Video conferencing system are used to conduct joint training sessions where the participants from Regional Public Administration Training Centres (RPATCs) at Dhaka, Chottogram, Rajshahi and Khulna attend the sessions. Prime Minister’s Office and a2i also conducted meeting with BPATC using Video Conferencing System. In order to make the training activities of BPATC more effective social media dialogue held with Prime Minister’s Office and major training institutions of the country using video conferencing system.

BPATC developed ERP system (seven Application Software’s) namely Personnel Management Information System (PMIS), Computerized Training Management System (CTMS), Store Management System (SMS), Accounts and Finance Management System (A&FMS), Transport Management System (TMS), Dormitory Management System (DMS) and Computer Equipment Management System (CEMS). These ERP System are using in seven functional units of BPATC to ensure digitalization initiatives of the Government of Bangladesh.

Computer Section has set up an e-Learning Platform based Training Systems. e.g. distribution of course materials, submission of assignment by participants, circulating notices, etc. Online discussion between training & faculty members covered under this umbrella.


Special Activities of Computer Centre are as follows:

  • Library Automation,
  • Website Development and Software Development,
  • Digitalization of Training Aid,
  • Live Monitoring Systems,
  • Office Automation-ERP system (seven Application Software’s) like (PMIS, CTMS, SMS, A&FMS, TMS,  DMS, CEMS)
  • Accelerating the e-learning platform implementation program in all core courses
  • According to the Government Order to implement e-Nothi System in office by successful training course was completed (43 officers and 226 employees).
  • e-Catalog has been created using KOHA as a part of Library Automation.
  • Institutional Repository has been created using D-Space.
  • E-Resource (JSTOR, WILEY) has been collected. BPATC own library web portal is developed. Currently, BPATC Library Web Portal is being used experimentally.
  • Turnitin (Anti Plagiarism) software is being used for training and publishing work,
  • Web portal is being used for BJPA, Bangladesh Lok Proshason Patrika & Lok Proshason Samoeeky.
  • Network Printers maintenance in different places under supervision of Computer Section.
  • Regularly maintenance Optical Fiber Network & Wi-Fi.
  • IT support for CCTV.
  • IT support for Biometric Attendance of Employee & Participants.

Network Facilities

Network Management: Managing network (LAN, BTCL network) is one of the responsibilities of Computer Section. Computer Section ensure uninterrupted internet connection through BTCL in 451 Desktop connected in the LAN and 723 Laptop & other devices through Wi-Fi system. That uses for training activities as well as administrative tasks.

  • Wifi
  • LAN

Website Management: Computer Section manages the website of the BPATC & regularly update the website.

ERP System

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a web-based application to manage and monitor all activities of BPATC. This ERP is a part of the digitization project. The ERP software can manage and track all activities of PMIS, Computer Equipment, CTMS, Transport, Accounts, Store, Dormitory and Evaluation etc. This ERP can be accessed through internet inside BPATC. All employees can access it if they have a valid login id and password.

 ERP is a centralized web-based application for:

  1. Online entry and keeping track of all Employee Management activities. (PMIS).
  2. Online entry and keeping track of all Logistic related information along with Requisition, Approval, Delivery, Receive and Current Stock. (Store)
  3. Online entry and keeping track of Computer Equipment related activities along with Requisition, Approval, Delivery, Receive and Current Stock. (Computer)
  4. Online entry and keeping track of all Account related activities along with Payroll, GPF, Loan, Bill Register, Check Register, Cashbook, Ledger etc. (Accounts)
  5. Online entry and keeping track of all Transport related activities along with Vehicle Requisition, Approval, Gate Pass, Vehicle Maintenance, Daily Roster and Duty Roster etc. (Transport)
  6. Online entry and keeping track of all Dormitory related activities along with Dormitory, Room management. Such as Room Allocation, Complain Register etc. (Dormitory)
  7. Online entry and keeping track of all Evaluation related activities along with Result Entry, Participant Evaluation, Speaker Evaluation etc. (Evaluation)

Training Imparted in 2017-2018:

  • ICT training for 935 participants of different courses.
  • ICT training for 277 participants in the evening special sessions for slow learners of different courses.


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    System Analyst - (Additional Charge)
    BPATC, Savar, Dhaka-1343

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