Foundation Training Course (FTC)

71st Foundation Training Course (FTC)

Duration: 11/10/2020  to 08/04/2021

Course Curriculum

Welcome Letter

Course Management Team for other Institutes (6 Institutes outside BPATC)

Course Management Team (CMT)

Course Advisor

Dr. Shah Mohammad Sanaul Hoque, Member Directing Staff (P&S), BPATC

Cell: 01720038610, Email: sanaulhq@yahoo.com

Course Director

Hasan Murtaza Masum, Director (Project), BPATC

Cell: 1686900243, Email: hmurtaza@gmail.com

Dr. Md. Zohurul Islam, Director (Planning & Development 1), BPATC

Cell: 01716458964, Email: zohur68@gmail.com

Course Coordinator

Dr. Md. Moshiur Rahman, Deputy Director (Project), BPATC

Cell: 01716536726, Email: moshiur.patc07@yahoo.com

Abu Naser Mohammad Sajidul Ahsan, Deputy Director (CC), BPATC

Cell: 01918421241, Email: sajidul@gmail.com

Parimal Kumar Roy, Deputy Director (Evaluation-1), BPATC

Cell: 01713791448, Email: parimal@bpatc.org.bd

Mohammad Mamun, Research Officer, BPATC

Cell: 01912146407, Email: mamun235@gmail.com

Shamim Adnan, Assistant Director (Program), BPATC

Cell: 01843056582, Email: sadnan2000@gmail.com

Tanzina Akhter, Assistant Director (Project), BPATC

Cell: 01553571149, Email: tanzina.bpatc@gmail.com



P-70th Foundation Training Course

Duration: 27-10-2019 to 23-04-2020

Welcome Letter

Course Brochure

Course Guideline

Course Management Team (CMT)

Course Advisor:

Khondoker Azim Ahmed, MDS (D&E), BPATC
Cell: 01720640593, Email:  azim6486@gmail.com

Couse Director:

Md. Zakir Hossain, Director (ToT), BPATC

Cell:01727745044, Email:mzakirhossain@gmail.com

Dr. Md Mohoshin Ali, Director (IP), BPATC

Cell:01711489786, Email:mohoshin2005@gmail.com

Course Coordinator:

A. T. M. Arif Hossain , Director (Sports) (CC), BPATC

Cell:01712153317, Email:arifpatc@yahoo.com

K. M. Abdul Kader, Deputy Director (ST & ToT), BPATC

Cell:01718114448, Email:kader_bpatc@yahoo.com

Mohammad Rezaul Karim PhD, Deputy Director (QM), BPATC

Cell:+8801554339166, Email:rezapatc@gmail.com


Cell:1712543033, Email:tanjur@gmail.com

Mohammad Altab Hossain, Assistant Programmer, BPATC

Cell: 01717316623, Email:   altafunic@gmail.com

Tanzina Akhter, Assistant Director (Public Administration), BPATC

Cell:01553571149, Email:tanzina.bpatc@gmail.com

Monirul Islam, Assistant Director (Programme), BPATC

Cell: 01680259621, Email:  monirul_du107@yahoo.com


Cell:01682383142, Email:Sanjoy.bpatc@gmail.com


69th Foundation Training Course (FTC)

Duration: 17/04/2019 to 13/10/2019

Welcome Letter

Course Brochure

Course Guideline

Course Management Team (CMT)

Course Advisor

Mohammad Munir Hossain, MDS (P&S), BPATC

Course Director

Md. Sanwar Jahan Bhuiyan, Director (PPR), BPATC

Mobile: 01716459158, Email: dirppr@bpatc.org.bd, sanwarsamia@gmail.com

BM Benojir Ahmed, Director (BS), BPATC

Mobile: 01733797252, Email: dirbs@bpatc.org.bd, drbenojir@gmail.com

Dr. Rokeya Fahmida, Director (PA), BPATC

Mobile: 01731214213, Email: dirpa@bpatc.org.bd, fahmidapatc@gmail.com

Mohammad Razibul Islam, Deputy Director (PPR), BPATC

Mobile: 01712222149, E-mail: ddppr@bpatc.org.bd, razibislam.15169@gmail.com

Course Coordinator

Md. Motaher Hossain, Deputy Director (MIS), BPATC

Mobile: 01818186287, E-mail: ddmis@bpatc.org.bd, mmanik164@gmail.com

Parimal Kumar Roy, Deputy Director (RC), BPATC

Mobile: 01713791448, Email: ddet@bpatc.org.bd, parimal_anp@yahoo.com

Abu Naser Mohammad Sajidul ahsan, Senior Research Officer, BPATC

Mobile: 01918421241, Email: sro1@bpatc.org.bd, sajidul@gmail.com

Afia Rahman Mukta, Research Officer, BPATC

Mobile: 01914890462, Email: resoff1@bpatc.org.bd,   afiaju2003@gmail.com

Farjana Afrose, Assistant Director (Sports), BPATC

Mobile: 01715254143, Email: adsports2@bpatc.org.bd, farjanapatc@gmail.com

Nasrin Akter, Evaluation Officer, BPATC

Mobile: 01767818179, Email: evaoff1@bpatc.org.bd, laboni.geo1807@gmail.com

Jakia Sultana, Evaluation Officer, BPATC

Mobile: 01964920789, Email: evaoff2@bpatc.org.bd, js33ju@gmail.com

Mohammad Mamun, Research Officer, BPATC

Mobile: 01912146407, Email: mamun235@gmail.com,  resoff2@bpatc.org.bd

 Tanzina Akhter, Assistant Director, BPATC

Mobile: 01553571149, Email:   tanzina.bpatc@gmail.com 

Mohammad Mozaherul Islam, Assistant Director (TOT), BPATC

Mobile: 01912972652, Email: adtot@bpatc.org.bd,   mozaher.bpatc@gmail.com


67th Foundation Training Course (FTC)

Duration: 30/04/2018 to 25/10/2018.

Course Brochure

Welcome Letter

Course Management Team (CMT):

Course Advisor:

Syed Mizanur Rahman, MDS (M&D), BPATC.

Mobile: 01732098308, E-mail: syed1963@gmail.com

Couse Director:

(1) Md. Jahidul Islam, Director (Project), BPATC.

Mobile: 01718768300, E-mail: jahidul.islam95@gmail.com

(2) Dr. Md. Zohurul Islam, Deputy Director (Research), BPATC.

Mobile:01716458964, E-mail: zohur68@gmail.com

Course Coordinator:

(1) A.T.M. Arif Hossain, Deputy Director (Sports), BPATC.

Mobile: 01972153317 E-mail: arifpatc@yahoo.com

(2) Md. Moin Uddin, Deputy Director (Public Administration), BPATC.

Mobile: 01715388116, E-mail: moinu73@gmail.com

(3) Afia Rahman Mukta, Research Officer, BPATC.

Cell: 01914890462, E-mail: afiaju2003@gmail.com

(4) Nasrin Akter, Evaluation Officer, BPATC.

Cell:01767818179, E-mail: laboni.geo1807@gmail.com

66th Foundation Training Course (FTC)

Duration: 18/02/2018 to 16/08/2018, Details

Course Management Team (CMT)

Welcome Letter

65th Foundation Training Course (FTC)

Duration: 06/08/2017 to 01/02/2018

64th Foundation Training Course (FTC)

Duration: 24/05/2016 to 19/11/2017


Foundation Training Course (FTC)

From 1984 to 2018


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    Hasan Murtaza Masum
    System Analyst (Additional Charge)
    BPATC, Savar, Dhaka-1343

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